As we are soon going to transition into the sparkling New Year, it offers the chance of promise and a ‘clean slate’ of fresh opportunities.

What are you planning, resolutions to rid yourself of bad habits, drastic diets or some realistic permanent and positive changes?

I strongly believe that our first resolution for new year should be to ‘DETOX’ our attitude and goal setting criteria & not our body.

Year 2016 was a game changer for me. That year I promised myself to make certain life style changes in terms of healthy eating habits, exercise regime and having a positive mind set towards holistic wellness (body, mind and spirit) and here I am, in 2020, much fitter, stronger, healthier, much more disciplined and a lot more energetic then I ever was in my last 15 years.

Over the years, diets have become a trendy part of the health industry.

Things like carbs or no carbs, low protein or high protein, Paleo, ketogenic, Atkins, intermittent fasting and the list goes on and on. People are misguided by seeing celebrities who gain and lose weight at a whim, radio and TV adds advertising a pill to take away your hunger and plastic stick figures to give us unrealistic expectations.

It’s very important to remember that moderation is the key to maintain a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself of things you want to have every once in a while.

Weight loss coaches and nutritionists have started to move away from fad diets that used to be popular and started to focus more on lifestyle changes. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, do you go on a diet or change your lifestyle all together?

Another way to approach weight loss is through making changes to one’s lifestyle overall. A lifestyle includes what you eat, how you manage stress, how much you exercise and more.

A diet is a systematized, temporary lifestyle change whereas changing one’s lifestyle is an attempt to keep up similar habits for a prolonged period of time.

So, what is the difference between fad diets and lifestyle changes?

1.Most of the times this looks like a beach trip or a wedding you want to look extra slim and fit. So, fad diets are quick fix and promise fast and easy results which are temporary whereas lifestyle change is making a long-term commitment to change your habits (eating and exercise) for weight control/loss and overall health.

2. You are dependent on fad diets. If you stop following the diet, unfortunately you will start putting on the weight back. Lifestyle changes progress gradually, you make small changes in your eating habits and exercise routine over a period of time and its permanent.

3.Fad diets are associated with giving up something, for e.g.: no carbs diet, low fat diets, vegan diet. Whereas in lifestyle changes you learning moderation not deprivation

4. There will be short time physical result from fad diets but will be emotionally and mentally challenging as you will start missing on certain food habits you have given up for the diet, eg: giving up totally on carbs. Lifestyle changes may be uncomfortable first to start with, but since they are realistic and done gradually over a period of time, they will not leave you miserable.

5.Fad diets are short lived and temporary, and you know they will eventually end. There is no end to lifestyle changes, this is YOUR NEW LIFE.

So my dear friends embark the journey of positive lifestyle changes for a fitter, healthier and a happier 2021.



Pursuing optimum health

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Pursuing optimum health

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